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Long Ago and Far Away
Track Titles Lyrics

Lydia Fortner - vocals, cello on track 6

Rodney Walker - bass, guitars on tracks 5, 6, 10 ,11; mandolin on track 6 additional guitars on tracks 3, 5

Harry Lea - keyboards, Rev. Willy Greer - drums, Randy Zamorski - guitars on tracks 1, 2, 5, 8, Manny Diez - guitars on tracks 3, 4, Meghan Mattox - guitars on tracks 7, 9, additional guitars on tracks 1, 2, Nate Butler - keyboards on track 11 additional keyboards on track 4, Jennifer Logan keyboards on track 12, W. M. Harvey - violin on track 6, Alan Brett - cello on track 11

all songs by the Shroud except Tonight by the Shroud w/ Peter Gorritz,

Falllen Dream by the Shroud w/ A. Kirker and L. Fortner

Alice by A. Eldritch

Long Ago and Far Away is based on the melody "L'Aucéu en Gabiolo: (Anon., 14th Century) Arranged by the Shroud, lyrics by Lydia

recorded at Down to Digits, Fresno, Ca

produced by Lance Kincade with Rodney Walker for Labor of Love Productions

engineered and mixed by Lance Kincade and Rodney Walker

cover design by Lydia, cover photo and portraits by Rebecca M. Caraveo

Shroud logo, hand lettering, and rose drawing by Armando Norte

Shroud mirror by Michell Hooper

typesetting by the Desktop Toad

Heartfelt Thanks to: Jack Fortner, Nathan Linscheid, Fred and Paul at Propanganda, all of the fanzines that have featured us

The Prophetess, This Ascension, The Empire Hideous, Candy Egan and the CSUF Media Dept., The Miss Alans, Quadrapop, Nosferatu Productions, Dead and Buried Productions, Cleopatra Records, Jim Bixler, Montgomery, Nancy Skeen, Linda “ Bacon” Miles, Mike Clifton, Lou Pecora, Elizabeth Hand ( Winterlong, Æstival Tide, Icarus Descending), Roger Perry ( for last time), The Cobweb Crew, everyone that has played with the Shroud and Shroudettes, and all of our fans around the world.

Special Thanks to Lance and Pat, the DiFurias and the Wilson Theatre, George, Joe and Claydog, “Misha, Lord Ambose and Crowell” Manny, Randy, Jennifer, Wallace Montgomery, Becky, Armando, and all of our friends and families for being supportive and understanding throughout the creation of this recording.


“what a long bad trip it’s been.......”